Walking With Christ New Edition Details

Hot off the press, the newly revised Walking with Christ workbook is now available. The curriculum team thanks the many people who gave input, insight, and time into refining this classic on discipleship. The changes include a shortened version with more stories and new graphics yet maintains the same rich content. If you have already... Continue Reading →

How One Church Contextualized A Taste of FRL

When Melissa Myers switched churches in the middle of the pandemic, she wanted to be intentional in building relationships within her new church. While she was at lunch with Catherine, one of the leaders of her new church, Melissa mentioned her extensive work with Entrust and talked about Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL).   Without Melissa’s knowing,... Continue Reading →

Fall 2022 Modules

We stand in prayer and eagerly anticipate what God will do through the upcoming Fall 2022 modules. This fall, women around the globe will participate in Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL), Developing a Discerning Heart (DDH), Discovery Bible Study (DBS), and Equipping Women to Serve (EWS).    Some of these participants face many challenges standing in their... Continue Reading →

Choose a charity.

You know how important it is to equip men and women to lead well in the local church. You followed us on Facebook and share our posts. Thank you! Now, be sure to choose us, Entrust, as your charity on Amazon Smile. That way, every purchase you make provides more funds to pour into more... Continue Reading →

Natural disaster.

Political upheaval. People in dire need. You can assist in relief efforts with confidence, via Entrust. We will direct your donations to our ministry staff and partners serving in places of crisis. Pray and consider giving through our crisis response fund. Thank you! www.entrust4.org/crisis-response

Take a STEP!

STEP is an opportunity to step in, to explore Christian ministry at home or overseas. Whether you’re taking a gap year, just finishing school, looking to change careers, retiring or wondering if God is calling. Find more info and com

Fascinating ministries

7. Entrust’s curriculum team: wise, thoughtful, humble, funny, creative, scholarly, always-learning people who write and revise ministry training modules for church leaders 6. Entrust Equipping Women: our four-module system of equipping women to serve even better in various shepherding roles in the local church 5. International College of Bible and Missions: school in South Africa... Continue Reading →

Looking of curriculum?

Looking for something new for your Bible study group, adult Sunday School class or your own personal growth for the fall? Check out some of our Bible study materials. We may have just what you need! https://www.entrust4.org/complete-curriculum

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