Natural disaster.

Political upheaval. People in dire need. You can assist in relief efforts with confidence, via Entrust. We will direct your donations to our ministry staff and partners serving in places of crisis. Pray and consider giving through our crisis response fund. Thank you! #Entrust #CrisisResponse #GiveToEntrust

Entrust list of the month

7. You can select from several safe, secure giving methods 6. You can choose projects or people from around the world 5. You will assist in sending servant-hearted church leadership trainers to under-resourced parts of the world 4. You can rest in the knowledge that Entrust has received Charity Navigator’s highest rating 3. You are... Continue Reading →

Like father like son.

They aren’t biologically related, but Alex considers Nik his spiritual father. Nik’s investment of time and shared ministry into Alex means the two look, sound and act increasingly alike. This month of Father’s Day, consider finding or becoming a spiritual father. (Ladies, you can do the same as spiritual mothers). #Entrust #FathersDay #mentoring #discipling

New name.

Same calling. New tagline. Same passion. New logo. Same vision. Check out our new look at

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