From one to five.

Potential impact on millions. That’s Sofia’s story in eight words. Read the rest of the words and see how this one woman’s work is multiplying in Asia. You’ll be inspired! #multiplyingleaders #EquippingLeaders

These women love Jesus.

These women love Jesus, serve him in their churches and recently sharpened their small group leadership skills at an Entrust Equipping Women training module in Zambia. Find out what they learned and what loved about it all, here Maybe God would have you take the same module they did. Get in touch with us.... Continue Reading →

One of Entrust’s values is contextualization.

We seek to contextualize our training systems and training modules, working side-by-side with local church leaders. In addition, we need to contextualize ourselves; we need to adopt a learning posture. Entrust’s Jerry Wells learned valuable lessons about culture and himself during his years teaching and training in Romania. Discover his insights in this quarter’s edition... Continue Reading →

Join the team.

Maybe you’ve been serving in a ministry capacity and are in need of a change, or you are exploring the options for the first time. Regardless, we might have a place for you. We’re looking for various ministry trainers and specialists, men and women with hearts for mentoring pastors and Christian leaders in under-resourced parts... Continue Reading →

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