Like father like son.

They aren’t biologically related, but Alex considers Nik his spiritual father. Nik’s investment of time and shared ministry into Alex means the two look, sound and act increasingly alike. This month of Father’s Day, consider finding or becoming a spiritual father. (Ladies, you can do the same as spiritual mothers). #Entrust #FathersDay #mentoring #discipling

Happy Father’s Day

From our heavenly father to our earthly fathers and father figures, we want to give thanks for all the dads in our lives. Happy Father’s Day from Entrust!

Honor dad

Dads deserve more thanks than they get. Go beyond the tie or the golf tees, to tell Dad what you really appreciate about him. Get a little vulnerable, in fact. And if Dad’s not around, thank someone you know who is a good dad. Hats off to you dads!

Abba, Father, Dad

Good dads, bad dads, tall dads, short dads Fishermen, accountants, businessmen, athletes Artists, craftsmen, writers, scribes Fathers to many, fathers to few Long-lived dads, age-old dads Honorable dads and dishonorable dads Sinful, hard-headed, repentant, redeemed dads. Biological and adoptive dads. Every kind of dad you can think of is, guess where, in the Bible. No... Continue Reading →

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