Jerry Wells arrived in Romania in 1988 eager to train pastors.

He quickly learned he had some learning to do. Read his account of self-contextualization in the spring edition of “Equipping Christian Leaders.” While you’re there, sign up to receive ECL every quarter from Entrust. #Entrust #contextualization #equippingChristianleaders


Duane and Muriel Elmer, authors, The Learning Cycle. Insights for Faithful Teaching from Neuroscience and the Social Sciences,” and Entrust Equipping Christ Leaders blog authors

Coleen and Marilyn had a dream.

They envisioned Brazilian women studying Scripture together and shepherding others into deeper walks with Christ. Born in 2013, the dream is being fulfilled now as you read this. Find the story of Mulheres Equipando Mulheres here. Your ongoing donations to Entrust make dreams like this come true!

How have you been?

“Busy.” This may be the most common conversation in the western world. Entrust’s Dr. Stephen Briix offers a short Bible study about busy-ness and sin. Download the study for yourself or your small group. Another free resource from Entrust.

Seeds planted in a child’s heart.

Water applied as she grew. Fruit borne as a young adult. Now, sowing seeds and tending to other tender young plants as a learner and leader in her church in the Philippines. Read Teresa’s story and ask God what role he has for you in his gardening plan.

A Christian.

Single. And a woman. Logically speaking, Sofia shouldn’t have had much impact in her country with these three strikes against her. But we’re not speaking logically here. Look at what God has done through Sofia, who calls herself “little sister.” As you read, consider investing in Entrust’s ministries, to equip and strengthen more Sofias.

Training leaders.

Sometimes when you train leaders, you’ve got to make sure they have enough to eat, are kept warm in winter and cool in summer. If their kids can’t go to school, they can’t focus on their pastoral learning. If their village has been devastated by turmoil, they’re preoccupied with meeting their congregations’ daily needs. In... Continue Reading →

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