Nik and Alex might be a modern-day Paul and Timothy.

Read about Nik’s impact on Alex’s life and how God is using both of them to equip and encourage church leaders in Bulgaria and far beyond. While you read, prayerfully consider giving to Entrust to further the ministries of people like Nik and Alex.

From one to five.

Potential impact on millions. That’s Sofia’s story in eight words. Read the rest of the words and see how this one woman’s work is multiplying in Asia. You’ll be inspired! #multiplyingleaders #EquippingLeaders

Top highlights

God did about 5,204 (give or take a few thousand) wonderful things through Entrust in 2017. Happily (for you), we will not list them all. We’ve encapsulated the year into 11 highlights. Read on!

Hungry caterpillars

Caterpillars work so hard, eat so much and then, disappear, only to become something else, something lovelier. Kind of like Entrust. We invest time, effort, prayer, sometimes much funding, into learners, leaders-in-training. Then, ideally, we disappear while they spread their wings, flourish and start the process again. Enjoy this video; watching for Entrust’s multiplication principles.... Continue Reading →

Multiplying in the States

“This is what our people need.” Pastor Greg Luttrell concluded his church needed to learn facilitated learning, Entrust-style. Find out what happened at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas.


Over 40% of the world’s people groups still lack an indigenous community of Christians who are able to share Jesus with their own people, according to the Joshua Project. We needn’t be overwhelmed by that, but it is motivation! That fact, plus the multiplication plan Paul describes in 2 Tim. 2:2 are exactly what Entrust... Continue Reading →

Intense ministry training

Young women, older women, women from the city and women from small towns, women of different church denominations, gathered for several days of intense ministry training in October in Latvia. One of them, Lasma, shares her story here. It’s a beautiful example of ministry multiplication. Read more on Page 10 of our winter Engage.  

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