Amber on Equipping Women’s New Look

Entrust Equipping Women’s new look and resources have been a long time coming. Amber S worked for many, many months behind the scenes to bring these new materials to you. First, we want to say, “thank you Amber!” Second, let’s give her the floor to tell us how this project challenged her and where she... Continue Reading →

Developing a Discerning Heart.

If you’ve taken our flagship Facilitating Relational Learning module, maybe it’s time to move on to DDH. Find out why it’s our most popular course and look into taking it a location near you.

Sound doctrine.

Sulmaz was taught she didn’t have enough of the Holy Spirit to understand the Bible. Shahram was told if you’re not healthy and wealthy, you’re living in sin. Thanks to our quiet Bible Institute in the Middle East, these two eager Christians are gaining more accurate understanding of biblical truth. Read their stories here.

Ministry training online is here to stay.

Corrie M. describes how Entrust’s women’s ministry training has come to embrace and even capitalize on online learning in this quarter’s edition of “Equipping Christian Leaders.” You’ll find practical considerations and encouragement for your own ministry training efforts in this insightful article.

Online Learning.

How can online learning aid in the global task of equipping pastors in ministry, the teaching portion of the Great Commission? Dr. Timothy Westbrook of Harding University tackles the topic from an academic point of view in this quarter’s “Equipping Christian Leaders” blog. Discover some best practices and considerations to take into account as you... Continue Reading →

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