Our commitment

Changing challenges, shifting strategies, same calling. Read about Entrust’s commitment to equipping and multiplying leaders for multiplying churches, even as the world changes.

Locally-driven training

Church ministry training is most effective when designed for local needs. So says Nik Nedelchev, trained by Entrust during Bulgaria’s communist years and now a global ambassador for Entrust. He describes his reaction to the philosophy behind More than a Mile Deep, a cooperative training effort launched in Africa with in partnership with Entrust. “When... Continue Reading →

A pastor’s son

As a pastor’s son in communist Romania, ridiculed and called names because of his family’s faith, Mihai developed an inferiority complex and doubt about God. After a miraculous and never-explained delivery of Christian books to his family’s mailbox, God transformed Mihai’s life. He became an Entrust pastoral theology student, discovered God-given leadership skills and now... Continue Reading →

Passing the baton

In ministry, always be equipping people to eventually replace you. Excellent advice from long-term ministry leader and early Entrust student, Nik Nedelchev of Bulgaria. “Don’t think, ‘We [or I] will go [to any ministry location], get established and stay forever.’ Rather, as fast as possible, find, recruit, train and pass the leadership to the locals.... Continue Reading →

Training women in Latvia

Lasma Asme never stops smiling. She’s a bubbling fountain of joy who’s been transformed by God, in part by Entrust women’s ministry training. Now she’s directing the training across her home country of Latvia. Meet Lasma. She’ll brighten your day.

We tried to fit in

When Entrust was new, we snuck in and out of communist countries in Eastern Europe, taking Bible training to beleaguered Christians. Sandy Shaffer remembers, “We tried to fit in as much as we could, not look too western, not be too conspicuous. In Vienna, [where we were based], we developed a closet of what we... Continue Reading →

Join the party

Entrust is 40! As new 40-somethings, we’re asking friends like you to celebrate our anniversary with a special gift. Maybe $40 a month for the person or project of your choice. Maybe an extra $40 a month beyond what you already give. Maybe a special gift in some multiple of 40, celebrating multiplying leaders for... Continue Reading →

Where did Entrust come from?

Where did Entrust come from? Board chair Dr. Andy Seidel describes conditions in the 1970s that led to our formation. “There was a great need behind the Iron Curtain for pastoral training. There were Christians and churches there. But not any good way to train pastors. For example, in Romania [seminaries existed] but they were... Continue Reading →

Hearing their voices

As you shepherd your family, small group or church, take a cue from Entrust staff Sherry Bohn, who lived and served in Romania during its communist era. “We did a lot with discussion. Through discussion, hearing their voices, that’s where we learned a lot. We realized we had to continue listening. We had to always... Continue Reading →

It all started with a prayer

Entrust women stood in front of a map of Russia and prayed. As a result, a nationwide, systematic women’s ministry training program was born. Among those equipped was the ever-dynamic Vera Izotova. Read how Vera went from participant to national director in just a few short years.

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