Love for sisters

Prayers, tears, smiles, dances and cheers seasoned our most recent women’s ministry training in East Africa. Corrie’s experience with the women, and her joy at their multiplication of ministry, is infectious.

Help us expand

If you’ve had cross-cultural ministry experience, especially in Africa, and you understand the need for contextualized theological and pastoral training across Africa, you may be the ideal person to serve as Entrust’s president of African initiatives. In this role, you would help guide and expand Entrust’s contextualized church leadership training, already underway with established and... Continue Reading →

Locally-driven training

Church ministry training is most effective when designed for local needs. So says Nik Nedelchev, trained by Entrust during Bulgaria’s communist years and now a global ambassador for Entrust. He describes his reaction to the philosophy behind More than a Mile Deep, a cooperative training effort launched in Africa with in partnership with Entrust. “When... Continue Reading →

True partnership in Africa

Partnering together to deepen the African church by Dr. John Jusu Churches in African were long described as “a mile wide and an inch deep.” African Christians sought to develop leadership training to counteract that problem. They sought and received help from organizations who did not simply import ideas, but who worked as true partners.... Continue Reading →

DDH in another language

Entrust’s most popular and transformative training module, Developing a Discerning Heart, is available in yet another language, and close to available in still another. The Latvian version of DDH came out in May. The Amharic version is in translation, with a goal of completion this summer. Pray for the Amharic translators, and pray that God... Continue Reading →

Struggles and freedom

Shannon Roach is discovering new birds, getting used to driving on the left side of the road, making tons of new friends and contributing valuable help to a Bible college in South Africa. She’s spending two years there through Entrust’s short-term STEP opportunity. And while her letters brim with joy, she’s honest about struggles, too.... Continue Reading →

Position available

Are you a Christian leader? Do you have experience in cross-cultural ministry, especially in Africa? Are you willing to take risks and use leading-edge training methods in places where they have never been used? Do you have a heart for leading a team in Africa, a team committed to multiplying the next generations of church... Continue Reading →

Christian Leadership curriculum

Do you need a degree from an accredited university to be a good Christian leader? No. The apostles didn’t have degrees. In Africa, however, accredited degrees are a sign of expertise and authority. That’s why Entrust’s partner, MMD, has developed a degree-granting Christian leadership curriculum that utilizes non-formal training methodologies. Students are required to engage... Continue Reading →

Global Mentorship Network

Mentoring is at the very heart of the Global Mentorship Network, one of Entrust’s valued ministry partners in Africa. You’ll be impressed by the scope and depth of this group’s vision and impact, in Africa and continents beyond. Learn more about the GM Network.

Seismic shifts in adult education

What’s more important, a piece of paper saying you’ve completed a course of study, or proven ability to do what that course of study taught? Entrust’s Dr. John Jusu says a major shift is underway, causing educators to consider the relative value of credentials as opposed to competence. For more on how this impacts church... Continue Reading →

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