Wish you were here

“Having fun, wish you were here.” It’s possible John Rut initiated that cliché on this date in 1527, when he mailed the first known letter from North America. The British explorer sent his letter home from Newfoundland, Canada. Share this ancient story with your kids or grandkids. Of course, first you’ll have to explain what... Continue Reading →

League of American Wheelmen

Let’s go ride a bike! On May 31, 1880, 138 years ago, the League of American Wheelmen was established in Newport, Rhode Island. It was America’s first bike club. In honor of that forward-thinking group, ride a bike today with a family member or your mentor. Enjoy the scenery. Share good conversation. You’re sure to... Continue Reading →

Pomp and Circumstance

Chances are high you will hear “Pomp and Circumstance” at least once this graduation season. Check out this fun video to learn the history of that tune (surprising connections to the Beatles and Yale) and as you do, think of the hundreds of people worldwide completing Entrust ministry training. Our training is largely informal, yet... Continue Reading →

Jesus was all about connections

Helen Keller couldn’t see or hear. She had no concept of words or language. She lived a caged existence, trapped in a dark, silent world she didn’t understand. Until a tireless, firm, committed teacher named Anne Sullivan got through. On this day in 1887, Anne held one of Helen’s hands under a cold stream splashing... Continue Reading →

Be inspired

Inspired by this month’s winter games and because he died on this date in 1945, explore the story of an elite athlete who went on to give his life for God. The 1981 Academy Award-winning film Chariots of Fire tells a portion of Eric Liddell’s story. Discover the rest of his story online or in... Continue Reading →

The beauty of Mozart

Who on this earth has ever created more beauty than Wolfgang A. Mozart? Yes, other composers, painters, artists of all types have given us works of tremendous beauty. But note for note, brilliant sequence after brilliant sequence, few can compare to Herr Mozart. Born on this date in 1756, this troubled Austrian gave us his... Continue Reading →

A history of Entrust

In a world … where communists tried to stamp out Christianity. Where Christians donned costumes and alternate identities. Where Bulgarians and Romanians led the way into new lands. It’s story of clandestine operations. Of emerging African, Asian and Middle Eastern leaders. It’s the story of Entrust. Now showing on select monitors. https://vimeo.com/239331277  

Who was Martin Luther?

Why so much hoopla about the 500th anniversary of the reformation these days? Who was Martin Luther, exactly? What does all this have to do with me in 2017? All this and more … addressed in this detailed Play Mobil short film. Pass it on! #ALittleHistoryNeverHurt

Reformation Day

Martin Luther: monk, thinker, writer, list-maker, rebel, reformer. Five hundred years ago today, he nailed his famous 95-item list to a church door. The man wasn’t perfect. Some of his ideas were terribly offensive. Yet God used this flawed, sinful human for his own glorious purposes. Luther sparked debate of how the Bible was viewed,... Continue Reading →

Pop quiz

Pop quiz: What’s the most effective way to counteract false teaching? John Wycliffe (1320-1384) believed there was one ideal way. Find out what it was in this short summary of his life and influence. This month marks 500 years since the Protestant Reformation. We’re featuring courageous Christian reformers here, to remind ourselves of others’ passion... Continue Reading →

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