Worn out?

Worn out from holiday busy-ness? Take a page from the Japanese playbook. Nap on the job! If a little “inemuri” is out of the question for you, consider the Italian or Spanish takes on rest. Let yourself rest. Don’t let the season drain you.

Mind full of stats

Which MLB player weighing 160-175 has stolen the most bases on days with a dew point average above 55? Who’s got the most RBIs in the middle three innings of an away game? Statisticians know. While you enjoy the World Series, remember, a mind full of Christ is of more lasting value than a mind... Continue Reading →

We, like these trees

We, like these trees, are more interconnected than we sometimes realize. As Christians, we desire to influence everyone in our network (which is bigger than we may ever know) with all that is true and life-giving. Which is only possible as we draw sustenance from the primary root—God!

Question-based learning

Question-based learning is super effective for adults, which is why we focus much of our ministry training on learning to ask well-worded questions. Which is why we love this article. Not exactly the kind of questions we tend to ask, but very fun!

Piggly Wiggly

Piggly Wiggly launched a shopping revolution. Before Sept. 6, 1916, people pointed to food on shelves, which a grocer then handed to them. Clarence Saunders changed that with his new shopping idea in Memphis. Now, 102 years and millions of boxes of sugary cereal later, moms might wish Saunders would’ve left things as they were.

Dog days of summer

Who knew? August used to be called Sextilis. It has two birthstones. It’s the home of the “dog days of summer.” An unknown person once wrote: “For every fog in August there will be a snowfall in winter.” And the oddest fact of all: August 31 days because it stole a day from February.

Wish you were here

“Having fun, wish you were here.” It’s possible John Rut initiated that cliché on this date in 1527, when he mailed the first known letter from North America. The British explorer sent his letter home from Newfoundland, Canada. Share this ancient story with your kids or grandkids. Of course, first you’ll have to explain what... Continue Reading →

What would you launch?

Billionaire Elon Musk launched his Tesla roadster into space, embedded in a rocket, in February. Just for fun, we asked several Entrust staff members what they’d like to shoot into space. Some of us immediately thought of good things to send, others of things to get rid of. Television. Pride. Good quality dark chocolate, to... Continue Reading →

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day! Whether you celebrate this national day by engaging in stimulating discussion about that fascinating mathematical constant, or, like the majority of us, opt to mark the date by enjoying circular delicacies like pizza, doughnuts, bagels and yes, even pie, may it be a day of recognizing the logical order of this world... Continue Reading →

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