Christmas in Colombia

All the pieces of the elaborate pesebres are packed and the novena book put away for another year. But strains of favorite villancicos still run through people’s minds in Colombia as they savor the memories of another Christmas. Learn about Christmas Colombian-style even as you sweep up pine needles and finish those last cookie crumbs.... Continue Reading →

Something happened

Something strangely “religious” happened to his friend, and then to him. Entrust’s Mark Gibson describes his most life-changing Christmas. Can you relate to his story?

My special Christmas apple

“What is Jesus asking you to offer him today?” the pastor asked. I immediately began crying, holding the little apple in my hands. Discover the rest of Ester’s story here, and as you read, ask God, “What do you want me to offer you in 2018?”  

Schnitz brot and more

Here’s a recipe to keep the kids occupied for an entire snow/vacation day, producing enough bread to feed a family of 8 for a month. It’s our very own Joycelyn Seybold’s family recipe for schnitz brot. Dig out the biggest stirring bowl you can find and have at it! Check out the recipe.

A God like that

"I would sit for hours in the dark, looking at the blue lights of our Christmas tree, watching the snow falling beyond it outside, mesmerized by the beauty, longing for 'whatever else' there was." Ever felt this way? Read on.

A diary

Jesus’ grandma. We don’t even know her name. Her daughter became the famous one in the family—Mary. So it’s all conjecture, but, Entrust’s David Goodman asks, what if, just if, Jesus’s grandmother, Mary’s mother, kept a diary?

Celebrate the real Jesus

Talking animals, lost children, scary creatures, struggles between good and evil. Sound familiar? Could be the Bible, right? But in this case, it’s Grimms Fairy Tales, the first collection, published on this date in 1812. The book became second in popularity only to the Bible in the German-speaking world. Some elements in fairy tales are... Continue Reading →

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