Compelled to serve

Entrust list: 5 songs from 4 decades that compel us to serve: Jesus Shall Reign (1719) by Isaac Watts and John Hatton Take My Life and Let It Be (1874) by Frances Havergal Lord of the Harvest (1977) by Bill O’Brien and Dick Anthony He Reigns (2003) by the Newsboys Until the Whole World Hears... Continue Reading →


Disillusioned by organized religion? We get it. Still, as Bob Dylan sang, “You gotta serve somebody.” Who rules you? Get to know the God of the Bible, the one who made you, knows you, loves you. Find a group of people, learn about God with them. It doesn’t have to be “religion.” It does have... Continue Reading →

Culture war

Is “culture war” still a thing? The phrase is already so-2016, but the concept continues. As Christians, we always feel a bit at war with the world, because our whole frame of reference is so different. In God’s kingdom, the weak are strong, the last are first, material things don’t matter, invisible things are supreme.... Continue Reading →

Upside down fish

Upside down fish? And they’re not dead? Reminds us of Donald Kraybill’s book, The Upside Down Kingdom, a kingdom where everything is opposite to what you’d expect. Watch these catfish do everything upside down, and consider becoming a bit more counter-cultural yourself. Like Jesus.

What is truth?

“Speak your truth.” “Let your truth be heard.” Phrases like this, common in our world today, sound good on the surface. But, let’s think a bit deeper. If each of us has our own truth, truth gets watered down very quickly and becomes meaningless. It’s one of the age-old questions of humanity: “What is truth?”... Continue Reading →

Be inspired

Inspired by this month’s winter games and because he died on this date in 1945, explore the story of an elite athlete who went on to give his life for God. The 1981 Academy Award-winning film Chariots of Fire tells a portion of Eric Liddell’s story. Discover the rest of his story online or in... Continue Reading →

In His image

After God created everything else, he created people—one man and one woman, both “in his image.” Neither man nor woman is more an “image-bearer of God” than the other. Both genders play valuable roles in society, in the lives of families, children, friends and co-workers. When we choose to honor God and his word with... Continue Reading →

Break the mold

Brits check their phones 28 times a day, on average. For no reason. Just checking. So says one study. That American average is likely WAY higher. We just can’t help it, right? Check, check, check. Just in case. But really, just in case what? Do we really find urgent, important info each time we check?... Continue Reading →


Trying to get people’s attention in this day and age is HARD, right? And if you need to warn of impending danger—like this foghorn—it needs to be done well. As you watch this beautiful little video, think: “What message do I need to convey? How urgent is it?” You, like us at Entrust, know the... Continue Reading →

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