Impossible idea or strategic investment of time?

Pastor Jeff Simpson of Baltimore explores what he’s discovered about training leaders in the local church, in this quarter’s edition of our “Equipping Christian Leaders” blog. Check it out and subscribe to the blog today.

Value of small groups

Entrust COO Mark Huffman discusses the value of small groups in leadership training. Find his thoughts on this in the latest edition of our blog, Equipping Christian Leaders. If you’d like to receive ECL articles direct to your inbox, sign up today at

Online training

You as a human being have needs, goals, desires, longings. How we handle the joy and pain in our lives often indicates where we find life. How have you learned to meet the longings, needs and desires of your heart? How does God intersect with that which is closest to your heart? How can you... Continue Reading →

DDH online

"If this course can have this much impact on me, I can't wait to do it with other women." One Developing a Discerning Heart participant made this comment as our first online Entrust module concluded. Another said, "I have spent most of my adult life searching for healing from my past. I have used drugs... Continue Reading →

Training in Brazil

Brazil training hub now accepting registrations. Maybe you’ve heard about Facilitating Relational Learning and want to get in on this transformative opportunity. Maybe you serve God in South America or Portugal. Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit Brazil. If some of these “maybes” are coming together for you, maybe you’d like to consider taking FRL... Continue Reading →

Small group training

What makes a learning environment feel safe to you? What might make an environment feel less safe? We often ask questions like this at the start of our core training module, Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL). Then, as a group, we brainstorm factors which would lead to trust and a comfortable learning environment for us, for... Continue Reading →

True partnership in Africa

Partnering together to deepen the African church by Dr. John Jusu Churches in African were long described as “a mile wide and an inch deep.” African Christians sought to develop leadership training to counteract that problem. They sought and received help from organizations who did not simply import ideas, but who worked as true partners.... Continue Reading →

Partnership adventures

Adventures in partnership: from Jesus, Jews and Gentiles to the contemporary church by Dr. David Goodman We need all the cooperation we can muster to fulfill the Great Commission. Our lives, history and the Bible are replete with examples of disparate people overcoming obstacles to work together toward a common cause.

You don’t have to know it all

If you’ve ever felt like you can’t lead a small group because you don’t know enough about the Bible or the topic at hand, here’s some great news. You don’t have to know it all! Facilitated learning, which we at Entrust love and practice, frees us all to be co-learners with our groups. Which is... Continue Reading →

Training in Europe

Imagine heart-filled discussions about God and his word with like-minded women from various countries and backgrounds. Imagine being encouraged and challenged in your ability to lead a small group, study the Bible or shepherd women. Imagine rich European coffee for breakfast and the occasional schnitzel for dinner. You can do more than imagine. Sign up... Continue Reading →

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