One of Entrust’s values is contextualization.

We seek to contextualize our training systems and training modules, working side-by-side with local church leaders. In addition, we need to contextualize ourselves; we need to adopt a learning posture. Entrust’s Jerry Wells learned valuable lessons about culture and himself during his years teaching and training in Romania. Discover his insights in this quarter’s edition... Continue Reading →

No cookie cutters here!

Churches, pastors and church leaders don’t lend themselves well to a single shape. Like cookies, they come in a variety of sizes and flavors. Which is why Entrust’s church leadership training looks different all around the world. We equip men and men to lead and serve well and to multiply more leaders for the local... Continue Reading →

Moving forward in 2020

Question: What do these four pictures say to you? Think about them. Keep them in mind. These pictures will come up several times throughout this new year, illustrating some key Entrust values, key areas in which we plan to offer you more resources for your church or ministry. Bookmark our blog page for the year.... Continue Reading →


One of Entrust’s core values from the beginning has been “learner-driven” ministry training. Entrust’s first work took place in countries including Romania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary. As Rob Shaffer points out, “Each of those cultures and countries is different. So, the ministry took a different shape, it took a different flavor, it took really a different... Continue Reading →

Cross-cultural faux pas

One of my funniest cross-cultural adventures involved mushrooms. I wanted to buy a few fresh mushrooms to sprinkle atop homemade pizza. At the vegetable stand in Vienna, Austria, faced by a busy shopkeeper, with a line of people behind me, the price on the mushroom bin listed by the kilo, I became flustered. Trying to... Continue Reading →

Hungry for training

Rural pastors with few resources and no time to leave home for ministry training. These are the people Peter and Sarah are preparing to serve. The goal is to bring contextualized pastoral and theological education to spiritually hungry but untrained Christian leaders in a difficult region. Check out their story.


Entrust has discussed contextualized ministry on our Equipping Christian Leaders blog. In this video, CEO David Goodman gives a concise explanation of what contextualization looks like.

The key to secular hearts

“Key to secular hearts: authenticity and relevance” - by Laurie Lind Jerry and Marilyn Farnik are Entrust staff serving in secular Czech culture. If you live in a similar culture and find ministry difficult, follow this link ( to read practical examples of how the Farniks engage with their Czech congregation. This is Entrust’s first... Continue Reading →

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