Culture war

Is “culture war” still a thing? The phrase is already so-2016, but the concept continues. As Christians, we always feel a bit at war with the world, because our whole frame of reference is so different. In God’s kingdom, the weak are strong, the last are first, material things don’t matter, invisible things are supreme.... Continue Reading →

Upside down fish

Upside down fish? And they’re not dead? Reminds us of Donald Kraybill’s book, The Upside Down Kingdom, a kingdom where everything is opposite to what you’d expect. Watch these catfish do everything upside down, and consider becoming a bit more counter-cultural yourself. Like Jesus.

Speak the truth in love

“Speak the truth in love.” It’s got to be among the top five biblical phrases Christians like to use. Yes, it is biblical. It’s in Ephesians 4, in a passage about spiritual gifts and how each Christian has a role to play in bringing the body of Christ to maturity. So, how are you employing... Continue Reading →

Lost in Light

God’s presence, his truth, his ways, are often described in the Bible as “light.” Some Christians have the privilege of soaking in so much light, they’ve begun to take it for granted. The late musician Keith Green, in his song “Asleep in the Light,” nearly cried as he sang, “The world is sleeping in the... Continue Reading →

In His image

After God created everything else, he created people—one man and one woman, both “in his image.” Neither man nor woman is more an “image-bearer of God” than the other. Both genders play valuable roles in society, in the lives of families, children, friends and co-workers. When we choose to honor God and his word with... Continue Reading →

Take heart

As you collect W2s, 1040s, 1099s and the like, you honor the 16th amendment, ratified on this date in 1913, establishing the right of Congress to impose a federal income tax. For 105 years, the U.S. government has laid claim to a portion of our individual earnings, to use for our collective good as a... Continue Reading →

Ministry in the Czech Republic

Summer English camp in the Czech Republic this year was the largest to date for Entrust’s Jerry and Marilyn Farnik, with about 180 of all ages in attendance. During English lessons, campers read and discussed Bible passages. One man had previously thought of the Bible as a fairy tale, but now said he realized it... Continue Reading →

It’s everywhere!

It’s everywhere. Magazine covers (and inside those magazines), books, songs, movies, TV, billboards, websites. Almost seems like you have to be blind, deaf and numb to be 100% immune to sexually provocative imagery and yes, porn. But the fact is, you don’t need to, and indeed should not, remove your eyes, ears and brain to... Continue Reading →

Small serving

“Better a small serving of vegetables with love than a fattened calf with hatred.” (Prov. 15:17) What are you serving out these days? Let this season’s abundance of produce – every farmer’s market, sack of tomatoes from your neighbor, trip down the grocery store veggie aisle – remind you of the value of the heart.... Continue Reading →

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