Reflecting on real-life changes

Jesus’ light changes everything, for people living under religious oppression, for all of us. Roger Gulick reflects on real-life changes he’s seen in Romania since its Christmas 1989 revolution and how those changes can encourage us today.

Let us help you stay

Getting there is one thing. Staying is quite another. As Entrust’s Roger Gulick has found, pastoral care for cross-cultural workers often enables them to remain in their new ministry settings longer. Be encouraged!

Use by God

Steffani recently completed several of Entrust’s Women-to-Women Ministry Training modules. These studies inspired her to venture out of her comfort zone to "put boots to the ground to serve, be used by God and encourage others,” by traveling to South Africa with her church’s short-term ministry team. She’s a beautiful example of WWMT’s goal to... Continue Reading →

Boy Book Boy

Boy Book Boy. You have to know the audience well and your material well before you can apply your material to your audience. Entrust’s Roger Gulick has some great ideas on getting our message across to our audience.

The story of “Mentor”

Who needs to learn what you’ve learned in life? Think about it. You’ve got a life of experience. Others stand to benefit from what you know. Entrust’s Roger Gulick wants to encourage you to consider mentoring. Read his thoughts and start thinking of yourself as a mentor.    

Don’t let fear destroy

Don’t let fear destroy your dreams. If those dreams are from God, you can, you must, move past fear. Entrust pastoral care provider, Roger Gulick, outlines three practical ways to overcome fear: go to to read more. Find courage today!

Painting steps

Painting dull gray concrete steps helps people know Jesus better. Really? One pastor who served under communism thinks so. Find out more and be encouraged by this story from Entrust’s Roger Gulick – just click the link below.

Do you love God?

Do you love God? How do you know? What does it look like to love God? Entrust’s very own Roger Gulick got into quite a discussion about this with a group at his church. Find out how and what came of it, here.

Despair is impossible. Really?

Yes! So concludes Entrust’s own pastoral care-giver, Roger Gulick. No matter what the weather is doing, no matter is what is going on in your personal life or in your world, you can find hope. Read here. Or read on, on Page 6 of our recent Engage eMagazine and enjoy the rest of the eMagazine as well.

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