Annual Report.

Read about Entrust carrying out our calling worldwide, plus, discover fascinating financial facts and figures. All on one page. Right here!

Press On.

COVID ebbed and flowed while its ripple effects impacted everyone in all kinds of ways. Athletes proved their mettle at the Tokyo Olympics. Families experienced joys and heart aches, gains and losses. Entrust gained a variety of gifted and passionate new staff members, revised and published existing training courses in multiple languages, held dozens of... Continue Reading →

Looking for a change in 2022?

Desiring to invest yourself in something that really counts? Check out our staffing needs. Younger or older, just out of school or seasoned worker, we may have a place for you. We need people who are called to serve God, passionate about Great Commission work, teachable, team players and go-getters. You may see yourself on... Continue Reading →

Tough times call for creative responses.

Dr. Andy Seidel, Entrust’s board chairman, reflects on Entrust’s continuity and innovations over the past two years. You’ll be encouraged and possibly moved to action by his report!

Bri’s story.

A high school student takes an Entrust small group leadership workshop and the rest is history. Or rather, history is begun, in her case. She becomes a poised facilitator and gains courage to stand for her faith in school. Read Bri’s story and discover the Entrust workshop God used in her life.

Why train women in ministry?

Dr. Joye Baker of Dallas Theological Seminary says we have a biblical mandate to do so. In this quarter’s Equipping Christian Leaders blog, Dr. Baker delves into biblical reasoning for women’s ministry training and describes an ongoing training effort underway in Russia. Read, ponder, share with others and sign up to follow our ECL blog.... Continue Reading →

Thankful giving.

We’re prayerfully getting ready for one big day of thankful giving. Giving Tuesday is Nov. 30. Go to to learn how your giving can impact churches and lives worldwide.

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