Happy 100th birthday, Czechoslovakia

Happy 100th birthday, Czechoslovakia! Even though you’re now two countries, we celebrate your upcoming independence day (Oct. 28), glad for a long history of shared ministry on both the Czech and Slovak sides of your beautiful nation. Na zdraví! Na zdravie!

A rich mixture of languages

Entrust's three Iberia leaders, along with some great co-facilitation by Patricia D., had the privilege of leading Facilitating Relational Learning for an Asian church in Barcelona. It was a great class, and ideas for multiplication are emerging from the participants and their pastor. A rich mixture of languages brought the concepts to life—Spanish, an Asian... Continue Reading →

Men of understanding

Strong European men – pastors, leaders, new Christians, long-time Christians – some recovering addicts, others serving God in cultures where encouragement is virtually unknown, slowly opening their hearts to each other and to God, through Entrust’s Becoming a Man of Understanding course. Transformation playing out in real life.

Slovenia or Slovakia?

Slovenia or Slovakia? Which is which? These countries’ names are so similar, the staffs of their respective embassies meet regularly to exchange wrongly addressed mail.

Velvet divorce

Slovakia has two Independence Days, sort of. On this date in 1990, in the immediate aftermath of communism, Slovakia was declared a sovereign republic. Thus, many consider July 17 Slovak Independence Day. On Jan. 1, 1993, Slovakia and the Czech Republic peacefully separated into two countries, often called the “velvet divorce.” Happy 28th (or 25th)... Continue Reading →

Mentoring Groups

Suicide. Alcoholism. Crumbling marriages. No, not today’s headlines. Rather, these are all-too-often hidden realities among pastors in a former communist country in Europe. Now, several regional pastors are finding mutual hope and encouragement in a mentoring group with Entrust’s Mark Van Bebber   http://www.entrust4.org/distinctives/mentoring/importance-of-mentoring-groups

Training in Spain

Look what they’re saying about Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL) in Barcelona, Spain! “This program has broken all paradigms I had about learning. I will put this in use immediately in my small group.” “This has opened a new horizon for me which includes forming other leaders to continue and multiply our groups.” “I always thought... Continue Reading →

Serbian cookies

Our Serbian learner and talented baker is at it again. Dora produced not only a cake decorated with symbols representing our Discovery Bible Study course but also, cookies beautifully emblazoned with the title of our Developing a Discerning Heart course in Serbian. Entrust’s Sandy Shaffer and Beth Van Bebber, who travel to Serbia to co-facilitate... Continue Reading →

Celebrating 35 years of ministry

On Feb. 25, 1983, Rob and Sandy Shaffer and their 5-month-old daughter boarded a plane heading to Austria. Thirty-five years later, Rob and Sandy continue to serve God faithfully with Entrust from their home base in Vienna. They’ve traveled to meet with, teach, encourage and shepherd men and women in ministry in the Czech Republic,... Continue Reading →

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