One of Entrust’s values is contextualization.

We seek to contextualize our training systems and training modules, working side-by-side with local church leaders. In addition, we need to contextualize ourselves; we need to adopt a learning posture. Entrust’s Jerry Wells learned valuable lessons about culture and himself during his years teaching and training in Romania. Discover his insights in this quarter’s edition... Continue Reading →

Join the team.

Maybe you’ve been serving in a ministry capacity and are in need of a change, or you are exploring the options for the first time. Regardless, we might have a place for you. We’re looking for various ministry trainers and specialists, men and women with hearts for mentoring pastors and Christian leaders in under-resourced parts... Continue Reading →


Duane and Muriel Elmer, authors, The Learning Cycle. Insights for Faithful Teaching from Neuroscience and the Social Sciences,” and Entrust Equipping Christ Leaders blog authors

We’re unique!

How is Entrust different from other ministries that are training Christian leaders? We’d say it’s our “Three L’s.” If you like what you see, consider investing in our work. We’d love to welcome you to our global work.

A Christian.

Single. And a woman. Logically speaking, Sofia shouldn’t have had much impact in her country with these three strikes against her. But we’re not speaking logically here. Look at what God has done through Sofia, who calls herself “little sister.” As you read, consider investing in Entrust’s ministries, to equip and strengthen more Sofias.

Ministry training online is here to stay.

Corrie M. describes how Entrust’s women’s ministry training has come to embrace and even capitalize on online learning in this quarter’s edition of “Equipping Christian Leaders.” You’ll find practical considerations and encouragement for your own ministry training efforts in this insightful article.

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