Greatest impact

Who’s had the greatest impact on your life? You might think of parents, teachers, coaches. All those, in some ways, can be seen as mentors. They’re people who know you, care about you, devote time to you and desire good things for you. Long-time Entrust staff member describes two men who invested in his life... Continue Reading →

Mentor types

Mentoring can look very different in different contexts. Chances are, you are, have been and will be a mentor at various times in your life. And you’ve probably benefitted from some mentoring along the way. Entrust’s spring eMagazine, Engage, dives into this practice from multiple angles. You might find yourself in these pages! Check it... Continue Reading →

Mentoring is about relationship

“Mentoring” can be a daunting word. But in the mind of one Entrust staff woman, mentoring is really just about relationships. Over the years, she’s benefitted from honest relationships with women and in turn, has built real-life relationships with younger women. It’s a beautiful story with no end.  

Sample questions

If you’re mentoring or enjoying being mentored, one good use of your time can be real-life accountability. You and your mentor/mentee will benefit from asking and honestly answering some tough questions each time you meet. Here’s a sample list to get you started.

Mentoring Matthew

A Christian expat befriends a refugee. Deep friendships result. Through life’s ups and downs, loss and gain, tragedy and victory, and multiple games of ping-pong, the refugee becomes an influential ministry leader. Discover their story, from both perspectives.

Mentoring Groups

Suicide. Alcoholism. Crumbling marriages. No, not today’s headlines. Rather, these are all-too-often hidden realities among pastors in a former communist country in Europe. Now, several regional pastors are finding mutual hope and encouragement in a mentoring group with Entrust’s Mark Van Bebber

Faithful. Available. Teachable.

To be a good mentor or mentee, it’s helpful to be FAT. Faithful. Available. Teachable. Entrust’s Mark Huffman stumbled across a remarkably FAT young man at a conference. A mentoring friendship ensued. The result … well, read on! You’ll be inspired.

Friendship across a generation

When Entrust’s Deborah Covert bravely asked Eva to mentor her, little did she know a life-long friendship would ensue. Who might God want you to develop a cross-generational friendship with? Take a cue from Deborah. Be brave! Ask!

Listening ear

Who do pastors go to when they need advice or just a listening ear? Let this account about mentoring lonely, isolated pastors in various nations, speak to your heart. Who in your world might need your shoulder to lean on these days?

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