Facilitator training

You keep hearing about this cool Entrust thing called Facilitating Relational Learning. What is that? Maybe this fun little video can explain. https://vimeo.com/297794494

Worth the money

I would pay all that money again! In more than 50 years of life, I’ve led many Bible studies. I’ve mentored and discipled younger believers, both within my profession as a physical therapist and outside the workplace. I heard about Entrust and Facilitating Relational Learning from a friend. I signed up for FRL at the... Continue Reading →

Training in the mid-Atlantic

Skill building and also, surprisingly life-giving. That’s how one young woman described Facilitating Relational Learning recently. Two groups of women are learning those new facilitation skills and discovering the life-giving value of time in God’s word in community with others who are hungry to learn, right now, at Entrust’s Mid-Atlantic hub training near Washington, D.C.... Continue Reading →

Facilitating Relational Learning

Facilitating Relational Learning will change your ministry by helping you become a more effective Christian leader. How is it different from other leadership courses? Watch this video! https://vimeo.com/entrust4/frl

Small group facilitators

Small group facilitators are like conductors. Much of our work occurs ahead of time. We must know each player’s uniqueness. Our task is to bring out what each player has to offer. Our guide is a written text. As you watch this, think about your own shepherding of a small group. How are you doing... Continue Reading →

Facilitator training

“One of the most significant roles of the teacher-facilitator is to provide a safe place where discussion can take place … Those who have studied adult education consider the discussion method an irreplaceable part of adult learning.” – excerpt from Entrust’s Facilitator Training workbook. Agree? Intrigued? Check out a facilitator training near you! www.entrust4.org/WWMTcalendar

Critical thinking skills

In chemistry, a catalyst stimulates or hastens a chemical reaction. Likewise, the facilitator’s role in the small group is to ask questions to promote interaction between participants, rather than acting as the expert or authority. As participants seek to answer questions, they develop critical thinking skills and new insights. Read more.

FRL works

“Two teenagers accepted Jesus as their Savior! One of them was in my small group. FRL works with teens too. ? It is universal.” One of our newer WWMT learners in Latvia sent this note after taking FRL last spring and serving at youth camp this summer. Praise God!

Response to my prayers

“I had been praying and searching for a good discipleship program for more than half a year. I feel Facilitating Relational Learning and its companion workbook, Walking with Christ, were God’s response to my prayers.” – FRL participant, Asia, 2018  

Intensive training

From Papua New Guinea to Switzerland. Discover why one woman traveled 8,644 miles to take an intensive training course, sight-unseen, knowing no one.  

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