A God like that

"I would sit for hours in the dark, looking at the blue lights of our Christmas tree, watching the snow falling beyond it outside, mesmerized by the beauty, longing for 'whatever else' there was." Ever felt this way? Read on.

Take heart

You will hear the phrase “Friday, the 13th no less than 87 times today. No less than 129 theories exist as to how we ever got the notion that a 13th day of the month on a Friday is somehow “bad luck.” The whole idea of “luck” is kind of an odd one really, when... Continue Reading →

Boast in the hope

“How do you win a war against sad souls who imagine murder as an easy and glorious way to redeem a failing life?” Jonathan Kay asks in a May 27, 2017, National Post blog, in response to suicide bombings. Kay suggests a society with no sense of life after death, a society that can do... Continue Reading →

Solve this thing

Street protests. Vicious graffiti. Warring social media posts. Words flew and households were divided. Then, a wise leader pulled key decision-makers together to try to solve this thing. No, not current politics. This was something threatening peace and stability 1,692 years ago. It all centered around Jesus -- was he God or something less than... Continue Reading →

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