Giving thanks

Thank God with us! Giving Tuesday 2018 is one for the record books. God, through you, provided 244 individual gifts, designated for 45 staff members and nine projects. You sent more than we’d prayed for and the most we’ve ever received on Giving Tuesday. Malachi 3:10 is true. As we faithfully steward what God gives... Continue Reading →

Make it meaningful

If your Christmas shopping includes Amazon, be sure to choose Amazon Smile. Proceeds of each purchase go to the charitable group of your choice (we’d love for you to choose Entrust!) and it works with Prime. Check it out!

An opportunity to give

Check out this great opportunity to get a start on your Christmas shopping. Through Nov 2, AmazonSmile will donate 5% (ten times the usual amount) to Entrust when you shop at AmazonSmile and choose Entrust as your charity. It works with Prime too! Check it out!

Four things

Four things your Entrust staffer would like to tell you but probably won’t. 1. I’m short on funds. 2. The culture I live in occasionally frustrates me. 3. Sometimes my Bible reading/prayer life sags. 4. I’m short on funds. Pray for your Entrust staffer. Consider increasing your support. Surprise them!

Support while you shop

Support Entrust while you shop! March 12-31, Amazon Smile will triple its donation to Entrust for each first-time eligible purchase. Spread the word. Ask your friends to choose Entrust at Amazon Smile. Go to and Amazon donates to Entrust. Thank you!

Take heart

As you collect W2s, 1040s, 1099s and the like, you honor the 16th amendment, ratified on this date in 1913, establishing the right of Congress to impose a federal income tax. For 105 years, the U.S. government has laid claim to a portion of our individual earnings, to use for our collective good as a... Continue Reading →

Giving Tuesday is TODAY

Giving Tuesday 2017. Today! A world of opportunity. An eternity of impact. Since 2012, Giving Tuesday has grown into one of the biggest charitable giving days of the year. Join the movement! Invest in African-led pastoral training in Malawi, equip refugees for ministry in the Middle East, provide Bible storying training to a restricted-access people... Continue Reading →

Giving Tuesday

What have you received from God? Family, friends, health, good job, a home, OK car, your team made the play-offs, spared hurricane damage? You’ll thank God for these things this week, no doubt. How about forgiveness? Salvation? Hope? Eternal life? Consider all of God’s intangible gifts to you. Demonstrate your gratitude through kingdom giving. Giving... Continue Reading →

Two weeks from today

Two weeks from today. One opportunity to give. Thousands of lives in the balance. Don’t spend all your Christmas bonus on pumpkin lattes and new phones. Save some, save much, for Giving Tuesday. See our full list of giving options now at Ask God which ones have your name on them!

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