Best English lesson ever!

Atheists sometimes become fascinated with Jesus at Christmastime. Read about Jerry and Marilyn Farnik’s Czech students, adults and children, as they encountered the gospel this past Christmas.

Impossible idea or strategic investment of time?

Pastor Jeff Simpson of Baltimore explores what he’s discovered about training leaders in the local church, in this quarter’s edition of our “Equipping Christian Leaders” blog. Check it out and subscribe to the blog today.

Take your family or church on a trip to South Africa.

Meet pastors in training, ask questions, learn about local culture and challenges and contribute to the betterment of a seminary. And, never leave your home! It’s a Virtual Vision Trip to the International College of Bible and Missions in Johannesburg. It could be the most effective ministry trip you’ll ever experience!

Faithful servant.

Marilyn Farnik. Wife, mother, grandmother. Faithfully serving God alongside her husband in a country of notoriously hard spiritual soil. Get to know this quiet, diligent servant of Christ. You’ll be encouraged!

Land Of Hope is a reality!

Our Entrust colleague Norma joyfully signed papers in July, establishing Land of Hope as a recognized NGO in Spain. She and her team will continue to serve immigrants and refugees, seeking to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs in a variety of ways, including using biblical story telling as a means of evangelism and discipleship.... Continue Reading →

How might God use you

We are looking for people with ministry experience in the Middle East to join our Entrust staff team! If you have served God in that part of the world and God is nudging you toward equipping local leaders for effective church ministry, get in touch! Email

Value of small groups

Entrust COO Mark Huffman discusses the value of small groups in leadership training. Find his thoughts on this in the latest edition of our blog, Equipping Christian Leaders. If you’d like to receive ECL articles direct to your inbox, sign up today at

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