Locally-driven training

Church ministry training is most effective when designed for local needs. So says Nik Nedelchev, trained by Entrust during Bulgaria’s communist years and now a global ambassador for Entrust. He describes his reaction to the philosophy behind More than a Mile Deep, a cooperative training effort launched in Africa with in partnership with Entrust. “When... Continue Reading →

True partnership in Africa

Partnering together to deepen the African church by Dr. John Jusu Churches in African were long described as “a mile wide and an inch deep.” African Christians sought to develop leadership training to counteract that problem. They sought and received help from organizations who did not simply import ideas, but who worked as true partners.... Continue Reading →

Making a difference

In March, we asked you to help our brothers and sisters in Africa recover from Cyclone Idai. Your generous gifts totaled $35,621, which we sent to our ministry partners at More than a Mile Deep. They immediately put the funds to work. Your donations, combined with help from churches in Sweden, Holland and Brazil, provided... Continue Reading →

Yearning to be equipped

“African people are yearning for this kind of equipping,” says Entrust’s Elesinah, who lives in and travels the nations of Southern Africa, meeting church leaders and helping to launch learning groups. Each group of men and women is eager to learn and immediately practices things like church planting or carrying out evangelism and discipleship in... Continue Reading →

MMD in Africa

Walk your neighborhood. Look for needs. Ponder, discuss with others, pray, about what you saw. Develop a plan. Then go back out and put the plan into action. That’s Action-Reflection-Action. Entrust learners in Africa, working with our partner More than a Mile Deep, use ARA to great effect and God’s glory.


Many African Christians are described as “generations that left, but never arrived.” Why? Dr. John Jusu, curriculum designer for More than a Mile Deep, one of Entrust’s ministry partners in Africa, explains.

MMD graduation

Thirteen students recently graduated through More than a Mile Deep, one of Entrust’s ministry partners in Africa. We celebrate transformation in the life of each pastor and each small group he or she led during their time of study with us. Their journey doesn’t end at graduation; they’ll continue to pass along what they’ve learned... Continue Reading →

Graduation celebration

Eight dedicated learners from a nation in southern Africa celebrated graduation this summer with joyful worship. They’d completed a course of training through More than a Mile Deep (MMD), Entrust’s ministry partner in the southern part of Africa. MMD’s training in this country is accredited by South African Theological Seminary and is both highly academic... Continue Reading →

More than a mile deep

Christianity that spreads rapidly but doesn’t make a difference in how people live is sometimes described as “a mile wide and an inch deep.” Thus, African Christians serving with Entrust have chosen to call their leadership development initiative More than a Mile Deep (MMD). From philosophy to curriculum, from course writing to course facilitation, MMD... Continue Reading →

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