Under-resourced pastors

Consider all the books on your shelves about Christian life and ministry. Think about the conferences and seminars you’ve attended or could attend if you had time. Count the websites, podcasts, You Tube videos … available to you on countless ministry-related topics. Now consider the pastor in the Middle East. He has access to a... Continue Reading →

Less can be more

Sometimes less can be more. For 18 years, we have held an annual camp for pastors and their families here in Hungary. This event is always a highlight of the ministry year for many of us. Prior to this year’s camp, I felt a little disappointed as I saw our attendance would be less than... Continue Reading →

Operation World & Entrust

“Entrust (formerly BEE - Biblical Education by Extension) was pioneered in Romania and spread to many Communist Bloc countries. Pray for the hundreds of evangelical leaders studying part-time in BEE and other TEE courses. Now, an advanced course is also part of the programme.” – Operation World prayer movement post, Oct. 11, 2019 It’s true!... Continue Reading →

Wise advice

“Have a mini-devotional time right after you wake up each morning and a corresponding time at the close of the day; advice I share with pastors I’m mentoring. “Because the Lord teaches us to put him first in all things, spending two to five minutes with him before I do anything else reminds me to... Continue Reading →

Pastor’s retreat in the ME

A pastors’ retreat might be a familiar concept where you live. Not so in the Middle East. As far as we know, the pastors’ retreat offered by Entrust, set for next week in the Middle East, will be the first ever for evangelical pastors in this country. Under a shepherding theme taken from 1 Peter... Continue Reading →

Family camp in the Middle East

Entrust family camp starts today. It’s probably not like any family camp you’ve ever seen. The campers, 150 or so, are from 25 of the evangelical churches in an anti-Christian country in the Middle East. This is the only chance many of the families have to be in a totally Christian environment outside their church... Continue Reading →

Sending out Timothy

Not all pastors are able to attend a seminary. That’s why Entrust’s training courses are so important. They fill a niche that allows men and women to gain practical training and biblical character transformation. Check out how that’s happening in Moldova!

Facilitator training

“I’ve led small groups for years. But I’ve never been trained in how to do it.” The person who said this is a pastor in the United States. He’s taking our Facilitating Relational Learning training. Learn more about facilitator training.


"53% of pastors do not feel that seminary or Bible college prepared them adequately"* One likely reason for this statistic is that seminaries often emphasize theory over relational intelligence. Entrust's “Facilitating Relational Learning” can help bridge that gap. Learn more about how our unique training methods can increase a pastor’s confidence in leadership. *Francis A... Continue Reading →

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