Ready for the next chapter?

“You can only sit on a beach for so long.” That’s why David Goodman and his wife, Nancy, joined Entrust at retirement age, after a lifetime of service in the pastorate and in education. What about you? Wrapping up phase one of your life? Ready for the next chapter?


Contextualization is a long word you almost never say. What does it mean and why does it matter in ministry? David Goodman’s thoughts shed some creative light on the topic.


Contextualization sometimes means you can’t do something somewhere that worked great somewhere else. Witness: salvation bracelets!  

Hard questions

Do we have to stop beating our wives? Now there’s a question you’ve probably not encountered in North America. Find out how Entrust’s Mark Huffman responded in a contextually appropriate manner.

Wilted dandelions

Wilted dandelions, an igloo in a rainforest and a “no girls allowed” clubhouse. CEO David Goodman explores the topic of contextualization with his unique combination of depth and whimsy.  

A diary

Jesus’ grandma. We don’t even know her name. Her daughter became the famous one in the family—Mary. So it’s all conjecture, but, Entrust’s David Goodman asks, what if, just if, Jesus’s grandmother, Mary’s mother, kept a diary?

People are problems

People are a problem! Right? If you work in a restaurant or for any other reason agree with this statement, check out what Entrust COO Mark Huffman, as an engineering student with no desire to work with people, has discovered.

Questions and Worldview

“The thing that terrifies me about questions is the potential of asking questions from the perspective of my concerns and vocabulary, possibly quite foreign to the person I’m asking.” Discover more about questions as they relate to a people’s worldview, with Entrust’s Dr. Jim Roché.

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