Stories of resilient faith

Sneaking in and out of Romania in the 1980s was the stuff of spy novels. Among the courageous Christians doing this for Great Commission reasons was a young, single Canadian woman named Miriam Charter. Miriam and a growing team of women serving with Entrust in its earliest days, traveled clandestinely to meet with and train... Continue Reading →

Operation World & Entrust

“Entrust (formerly BEE - Biblical Education by Extension) was pioneered in Romania and spread to many Communist Bloc countries. Pray for the hundreds of evangelical leaders studying part-time in BEE and other TEE courses. Now, an advanced course is also part of the programme.” – Operation World prayer movement post, Oct. 11, 2019 It’s true!... Continue Reading →

A pastor’s son

As a pastor’s son in communist Romania, ridiculed and called names because of his family’s faith, Mihai developed an inferiority complex and doubt about God. After a miraculous and never-explained delivery of Christian books to his family’s mailbox, God transformed Mihai’s life. He became an Entrust pastoral theology student, discovered God-given leadership skills and now... Continue Reading →

Small groups

The Bible, history and experience show the value of small, slow efforts, including in discipleship. Sherry Bohn reflects over her years of ministry with Entrust in communist Romania. “You would think with the hundreds of churches that had no pastor, you’d need to do something big and fast. But that was not possible. Communism did... Continue Reading →

We tried to fit in

When Entrust was new, we snuck in and out of communist countries in Eastern Europe, taking Bible training to beleaguered Christians. Sandy Shaffer remembers, “We tried to fit in as much as we could, not look too western, not be too conspicuous. In Vienna, [where we were based], we developed a closet of what we... Continue Reading →

Hearing their voices

As you shepherd your family, small group or church, take a cue from Entrust staff Sherry Bohn, who lived and served in Romania during its communist era. “We did a lot with discussion. Through discussion, hearing their voices, that’s where we learned a lot. We realized we had to continue listening. We had to always... Continue Reading →

Cross-cultural ministry

Serving in cross-cultural ministry involves understanding the context. Entrust’s Sherry Bohn remembers visiting Christians in communist Romania. “The world we would travel into was one world. Where if you smiled, you were under suspicion by the police for being up to something or being drunk. But once you entered someone’s home, it was a totally... Continue Reading →

Serving God cross-culturally

Entrust staff Al and Mary lived and served in Romania during its communist years. “I like jokes,” Al says. “Romanians had sort of a dark sense of humor. In a difficult situation, they always had a joke about it. One of those jokes was: A guy goes to the bread store to buy bread. The... Continue Reading →

Understanding context

Understanding context – key to relational learning Entrust’s Sherry Bohn came to better understand the value of context when serving Romanian women under communism. “For me, the hardest obstacle was seeing the conditions the women had to live through. The first time we met as a Bible study in 1981, we were studying Myrna Alexander’s... Continue Reading →

From the kitchen to the world

We understand it’s hard to contain your enthusiasm for Entrust. But the thing is, you don’t have to! If you know a friend who could benefit from Christian leadership resources or an Entrust training, invite them to like this page. From the kitchen to the world. Read how God took Lidia from making tea in... Continue Reading →

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