Value of small groups

Entrust COO Mark Huffman discusses the value of small groups in leadership training. Find his thoughts on this in the latest edition of our blog, Equipping Christian Leaders. If you’d like to receive ECL articles direct to your inbox, sign up today at

Radiant with joy

Rodrigo. Battling cancer. New Christian. Radiant with the joy of his salvation. A small group Bible study ministered to him just as he ministered to them in the short time he had left to live. Read César and Angélica Olivares’ account of Rodrigo.

Small group ministry

How is your church doing with its small group ministry? Looking for some new ideas, some new understanding about how small groups can become transformative for everyone involved? Read about Pastors Tom and Ken and their journey into revitalizing their church’s small groups, on Entrust’s quarterly blog, Equipping Christian Leaders. If you’re not a blog... Continue Reading →

Small groups in action

Life groups become life-giving groups. Relationships deepen and mature. People discover biblical truth together. Love and unity grow. The church is strengthened. Two pastors from the upper Midwest gain new skills to share with their small group leaders, with energizing results. Read their stories in the winter edition of Equipping Christian Leaders, our quarterly blog.... Continue Reading →

Training ground for small groups

Small group as leadership training ground. Entrust COO Mark Huffman believes there is only one setting in which Christian leaders can be trained: the small group. Discover his thinking in the winter edition of our blog, Equipping Christian Leaders. And if you’re not receiving ECL direct to your inbox, sign up today at

A lifeline

What are the non-negotiables of your walk with Christ? Check out Mary’s thoughts on the topic. You might decide to add “join a small group Bible study” to your 2020 resolutions.

Moving forward in 2020

Question: What do these four pictures say to you? Think about them. Keep them in mind. These pictures will come up several times throughout this new year, illustrating some key Entrust values, key areas in which we plan to offer you more resources for your church or ministry. Bookmark our blog page for the year.... Continue Reading →

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