In God’s providence

In God’s providence, African women increasingly find themselves called upon to serve in leadership in their churches and communities. Often these women skills or confidence for these tasks. A new ministry called Stepped Up to Her Place is ready to meet those needs, offering training, mentoring and consultancy. Learn more about SUHP at:

Love for sisters

Prayers, tears, smiles, dances and cheers seasoned our most recent women’s ministry training in East Africa. Corrie’s experience with the women, and her joy at their multiplication of ministry, is infectious.

Online training

You as a human being have needs, goals, desires, longings. How we handle the joy and pain in our lives often indicates where we find life. How have you learned to meet the longings, needs and desires of your heart? How does God intersect with that which is closest to your heart? How can you... Continue Reading →

Entrust’s theme verse

Entrust’s theme verse showed up in a unique way in the country of Georgia recently: printed on a cake! Find out about the women living out the words of this edible Bible verse.

A beautiful rose

A rose-scented aroma filled the air near Moscow in September, as women from across Russia gathered to celebrate 20 years of the National Women’s Training Ministry. How did a highly structured biblical training program spread across multiple time zones? How were women’s lives transformed? And what’s a rose got to do with it? Find out!... Continue Reading →

DDH online

"If this course can have this much impact on me, I can't wait to do it with other women." One Developing a Discerning Heart participant made this comment as our first online Entrust module concluded. Another said, "I have spent most of my adult life searching for healing from my past. I have used drugs... Continue Reading →

Going all out in Latvia

It started just five years ago. A handful of Latvian women gathered in Riga for a first-ever Entrust women’s ministry training. Each year since, multiplying numbers of women from across the country and at least three denominations have joined or come back for more. Now led by a Latvian woman, with two of our four... Continue Reading →

Training in Europe

Imagine heart-filled discussions about God and his word with like-minded women from various countries and backgrounds. Imagine being encouraged and challenged in your ability to lead a small group, study the Bible or shepherd women. Imagine rich European coffee for breakfast and the occasional schnitzel for dinner. You can do more than imagine. Sign up... Continue Reading →

Becoming a servant leader

“The session on ‘Becoming a Servant Leader’ was especially impactful for me. I loved our discussion around the four pillars of leadership as well as the discussion on being a follower. I really want to be a good servant leader.” Yes, leaders need to be servants. Leaders need to be followers. It takes work. It... Continue Reading →

Training women in Latvia

Lasma Asme never stops smiling. She’s a bubbling fountain of joy who’s been transformed by God, in part by Entrust women’s ministry training. Now she’s directing the training across her home country of Latvia. Meet Lasma. She’ll brighten your day.

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