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"If this course can have this much impact on me, I can't wait to do it with other women." One Developing a Discerning Heart participant made this comment as our first online Entrust module concluded. Another said, "I have spent most of my adult life searching for healing from my past. I have used drugs... Continue Reading →

Training in Europe

Imagine heart-filled discussions about God and his word with like-minded women from various countries and backgrounds. Imagine being encouraged and challenged in your ability to lead a small group, study the Bible or shepherd women. Imagine rich European coffee for breakfast and the occasional schnitzel for dinner. You can do more than imagine. Sign up... Continue Reading →

Becoming a servant leader

“The session on ‘Becoming a Servant Leader’ was especially impactful for me. I loved our discussion around the four pillars of leadership as well as the discussion on being a follower. I really want to be a good servant leader.” Yes, leaders need to be servants. Leaders need to be followers. It takes work. It... Continue Reading →

Worth the money

I would pay all that money again! In more than 50 years of life, I’ve led many Bible studies. I’ve mentored and discipled younger believers, both within my profession as a physical therapist and outside the workplace. I heard about Entrust and Facilitating Relational Learning from a friend. I signed up for FRL at the... Continue Reading →

Training in the mid-Atlantic

Skill building and also, surprisingly life-giving. That’s how one young woman described Facilitating Relational Learning recently. Two groups of women are learning those new facilitation skills and discovering the life-giving value of time in God’s word in community with others who are hungry to learn, right now, at Entrust’s Mid-Atlantic hub training near Washington, D.C.... Continue Reading →

Training in Colorado

Some 30 women are digging into God’s word, examining his work in their own lives, practicing Bible study skills, prayerfully brainstorming ministry plans for their spheres of influence, even as you read this. It’s part of Entrust ministry training at our picturesque east-central Colorado hub, in all four of our core modules. Interest continues to... Continue Reading →

Entrust in Latvia

We’re delighted to introduce another new Entrust staff member, Lasma Asme, of Ventspils, Latvia. Lasma will serve as the WWMT/Entrust coordinator for Latvia. Her vision is for Entrust Latvia to equip women from all regions of the country, so they might strengthen their local churches and facilitate further Entrust training in Latvia. She envisions the... Continue Reading →

A new appointee

We’re thrilled to introduce another new Entrust appointee, Emily De Jesus Garcia. Emily plans to serve in the Philippines (her native country), coordinating an Entrust training hub and facilitating Women-to-Women Ministry Training modules. She also desires to operate a home for abused women. Emily attended Bethel University in Virginia, where one of her professors was... Continue Reading →

Developing a Discerning Heart

Developing a Discerning Heart is an Entrust training module especially for women, helping them examine what God has done and is doing in their lives. It’s deep and personal. Women discover how to let God fill their life thirsts, hungers and desires, and how to guide other women through the same process. We often say... Continue Reading →

Training in Canada

History is being made this month, the first-ever Entrust training in Canada! Christian ministry leaders from the U.S. and Canada are in St. Pierre-Joly, Manitoba, soaking in training about adult learning, servant leadership and the art of the well-crafted question, in our module “Facilitating Relational Learning.” After 48 hours of shared learning time this weekend... Continue Reading →

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